Women with Grit - 6th Edition

“Women with Grit” – 6th Edition

6th edition of “Woman with Grit” – Guests thoroughly enjoyed the event and were inspired to hear our CEO Bronwyn Corbett share insights into her life as a successful businesswoman, a mother, a pioneer in African real estate and her incredible journey from childhood to where she is today. Bronwyn’s message was about the concept of “Finding her Why” and the positive impact it has made on both her career and personal life. She encouraged people to go out and find their “Why”, explaining the importance of knowing what our purpose is in life and what drives us.

She concluded her story by sharing her new personal challenge – she will be running her first marathon and has entered into the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon on 26 April. She has chosen to run for a charity called Farm Africa, whose mission is to reduce poverty in Eastern Africa by helping farmers grow more, sell more and sell for more.