Country overview


Population (million)


GDP (USDbn, 2015)


Real GDP growth rate (2016 ave target)

1 358

GDP / Capita (USD, 2015)


CPI (2016 ave target)


Moody’s credit rating

Zambia property portfolio.

Property details

Mukuba Mall (75% ownership)

Location: Kitwe, Zambia
Anchor Tenant: Shoprite, Game, Pick n Pay
Sector: Retail
Land Title: Leasehold
GLA1: 28 236 m²
Parking Bays: 670
EPRA Vacancy: 0.4%
(as at June 2019):
US$69.1 million
Transfer Date: End of December 2016

Kafubu Mall (50% ownership)

Location: Ndola, Zambia
Anchor Tenant: Shoprite
Sector: Retail
Land Title: Leasehold
GLA1: 11 923 m²
Parking Bays: 180
EPRA Vacancy: 0.1%
(as at June 2019):
US$12.3 million
Transfer Date: End December 2016

Cosmopolitan Mall  (50% ownership)

Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Anchor Tenant: Shoprite, Game
Sector: Retail
Land Title: Leasehold
GLA1: 25 798 m²
Parking Bays: 1 300
EPRA Vacancy: 0.0%
(as at June 2019):
US$37.4 million
Transfer Date: End June 2017

1 Value presented proportional to ownership interest held, 100% GLA reported
*Income Guarantee from Developer

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