Grit Group Sustainability Report

Occupational health and safety A comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”) management system based on the ISO 45001 framework has been developed across the group level and our portfolio of properties. We have also introduced Group and Regional Health & Safety committees responsible for the review and enhancement of all Health and Safety Group Policies, improving emergency preparedness procedures and trainings. We take into account the two dimensions of occupational health and safety and provide a safe environment for both our own employees as well as tenants and visitors/patrons. For the coming years, the following are our key priorities: 1. Development and integration of occupational health & safety into the group ESG management system 2. Completion of the annual on-site risk assessments across all our assets which are fully owned and under our operational control 3. Implementation of toolbox talks 4. Improvement of contract compliance management procedures 5. Continued employee engagement, training and awareness 6. ISO 45001 Certification for all our assets which are fully owned and under our operational control FY 2022 Additional information Number of Key Personnel Trained 27 Total number of hours of safety training delivered 184 Number of first aiders 15 Appointments and training of first aiders are ongoing. A decision has been taken to train security personnel as the service providers are onsite 24hrs a day. Service providers are on track with training their personnel. Number of fire drills 8 Live fire drills were put on hold due to occupancy rates, evacuation of expats, work from home policies and Covid restrictions. However, during this time all emergency preparedness plans were reviewed and updated as well as a total of 36 hours of emergency preparedness training was conducted with onsite staff. Live evacuations drills are planned to resume from Q3 2022. Number of work related injuries reported 0 Both portfolio and within our office Number of OHS Committees 7 Number of OHS Committee members 25 Percentage of fully owned assets for which on-site health & safety inspections carried out 100% All fully owned assets under our operational control in the following regions: • Mozambique • Ghana • Morocco • Mauritius Number of on-site health & safety inspections 630 Number of serious health & Safety non-compliance reported No major noncompliances have been noted throughout the risk assessments. Number of serious health & safety non-compliance addressed Number of policies and procedures developed 37 Table 8: Achievements in terms of occupational health and safety management system OUR PEOPLE, OUR PROMISE (CONTINUED) Other Inves 24 GRIT