Grit Group Sustainability Report

OUR PEOPLE, OUR Promise At Grit, we put our people first. We aim to foster an exciting, collaborative, high performance culture, and work environment that supports wellbeing, embraces diversity, and challenges individuals to reach their highest potential, through access to empowering development initiatives, compelling career growth opportunities, and by celebrating successes, recognising, and rewarding outstanding contributions. The outcome of our strategic meeting in January 2022 clearly highlighted the commitment of our leaders to focus on our human capital. This has led to a systematic shift in our leadership style from a Business Centered leadership to a Human Centered one. Our workforce in FY 2022 15 Nationalities represented in FY2022 19.5% Rate of Internal Promotions for FY2022 46% Female staff for FY2022 Number of Employees 123 FY2021: 84 FY 2022 Key highlights New Performance Management and Employee Engagement software Aptitude assessments of candidates through collaboration with an international service provider Work Life Harmony Program Launch of online training through Udemy platform Enhanced Recognition program Launch of Staff Newsletter Percentage of Employees Total Male Female Under 30 years old 30-50 years old Over 50 years old 32% 61% 54% 68% 39% 46% 23% 67% 11% Figure 11: Social KPIs and Targets 1. Women occupying managerial positions and above (inclusive of board) Although we have noted a decreasing trend across some of our targets, we do believe that we are well within our target parameters set except for staff turnover rate and employee satisfaction score. For this financial year, GRIT has continued to deliver on its ambitious transformation. Our workforce has grown by 46% (from 84 staff in FY 2021 to 123 in FY2022); this growth is linked to the creation of new roles as well as the merger with Africa Property Development Managers (APDM) in April 2022. We continue to pride ourselves on our diversified workforce and our ability to attract talents from across the globe. Our strong focus on our gender diversity is clearly shown through the high rate of female staff among our workforce in addition to the 41% of leadership positions which is being held by our female colleagues across the group. Gender Equality Staff Turnover Local Representation Employee Engagement To achieve >40% women in leadership positions1 41% FY2021: 45% To achieve <10% staff turnover per annum 19% FY2021: 9.5% To achieve >65% local employees 77% FY2021: 81% To achieve >75% Satisfaction score 74% FY2021: 78% On track Below target On track Below target 20 GRIT