■ Acquisition of Assets

■ Key Events


July 2014

Acquired Commodity Commodity House Phase 1 as its 1st asset for US$32.5m (Mozambique)

July 2014

Acquisition of Anfa Place Shopping Center for US$114.68m (Morocco)

July 2014

Completion of inward listing on the JSE Limited’s ALT-X board


March 2015

Debut on Mauritius Stock Exchange (SEM) and migration from BSX.

Maiden distibution of US$6.64cps

April 2015

Introduction of the Public Investment Corporation as Anchor Shareholder in US$42.0m capital raise

April 2015

Acquisition of Hollard/KPMG building for US$14.9m (Mozambique)

May 2015

Acquired the Vodacom Building  US$49m (Mozambique)

June 2015

Maiden issue of shares on the SEM

August 2015

Paid distribution of US$4.65cps, taking FY2015 distribution to a total of US$11.29cps

August 2015

Acquisition of Zimpeto Square for US$10.2m (Mozambique)

November 2015

Delta Africa and Pivotal announces business agreement to become Mara Delta

December 2015

Acquired 50% stake in Kafubu Mall and Mukuba Mall for US$40.6m (Zambia)


February 2016

Acquisition of Barclays House for US$ 13.6m (Mauritius)

March 2016

Paid distribution of US$6.17cps for six month period ended 31 December 2015

April 2016

Acquisition of 50% stake in Buffalo Mall (Kenya) & Bollore Warehouse (Mozambique) for US$14.8m (combined)

May 2016

Delta Africa officially becomes Mara Delta – the largest pan African income fund listed on the JSE and SEM

October 2016

Paid distribution of US$5.58cps, taking FY2016 distribution to a total of US$11.75cps

December 2016

Leaseback acquisition of a 44.4% stake in Beachcomber Hospitality Investments (BHI), owner of 3 luxury resorts in Mauritius for US$83.4m


March 2017

Leaseback acquisition of Tamassa Resort (Mauritius) from Lux Resorts for US$40m & acquisition of Mall de Tete (Mozambique) for US$24.2m

March 2017

Paid distribution of US6.12cps

June 2017

Distribution – clean out dividend for period 1 Jan 17 to 30 Apr 17 of US4.57cps prior to rights offer

Raised US$121m by way of a rights offer at an issue price of US$1.40 per share, significantly increasing market cap and asset value to c.US$600m

June 2017

Acquisition of 50% stake in Cosmopolitan Mall for US$37.2m (Zambia)

July 2017

Shareholders approved Grit’s rebrand and name change, reflecting the Group’s current reality and future growth ambitions

August 2017

Acquisition of Imperial Distribution Center for US$18m (Kenya)

Acquisition of 6.25% stake in Letlole La Rona (Botswana)

September 2017

Paid distribution of US1.38cps

October 2017

Inclusion into the SEM-10 Index

November 2017

Completion of Commodity House Phase II at a value of US$17.3m (Mozambique)

November 2017

Introduction of NPF as a strategic shareholder


January 2018

Acquisition of VDE Housing Estate US$33.1m (Mozambique)

March 2018

Paid distribution of US6.07cps for the six months ended 31 December 2017 

May 2018

Acquired 47.5% of Capital Place for US$12.2m (Ghana)

June 2018

Acquisition of 80.1% stake in Acacia Estate for US$23.4m (Mozambique)

July 2018

Grit successfully raised US$132m in London Listing Capital Raise

Grit becomes the first Pan-African Real Estate Income Group & first Mauritius-domiciled company to list on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE)

Introduction of UK Investors into share register

August 2018

Acquisition of 50% interest in CADS II building for US$18.0m (Ghana)

September 2018

Acquisition of 5th Avenue Building for US$14.4m (Ghana)

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