Grit mitigates operational and other risk associated with African real estate through the following:

Currency Risk Icon
Currency Risk

Prioritisation of assets with USD or USD/Euro denominated leases

Tenancy Risk Icon
Tenancy Risk

Prioritisation of long-term leases with blue chip multinational tenants
(i.e. strength of the counter-party)

Repatriation Risk Icon
Repatriation Risk

Maintaining robust relations with the Central Bank, comprehensive monitoring; hedging policies

Country Risk Icon
Country Risk

Pre-determined selection of target jurisdictions which satisfy key investment criteria1

Operational Risk Icon
Operational Risk

Selection of reputable experience in-country partners and property managers

Overexposure Risk Icon
Overexposure Risk

Defined diversification strategy in place2

Political Risk Icon
Political Risk

Political Risk Insurance cover taken out where necessary

1 – i.e. stable governance/political maturity, strong USD/FDI inflows, USD-based economies, high growth rates, acceptable sovereign ratings and outlook by ratings agencies, solid economic fundamentals, clear tax regime

2 – i.e. target not more than 25% of the GAV Group in any single investment; target not more than 25% of the GAV of the Group in any single country 

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