Investment Opportunities in Ghana

Purchase Shares to Benefit from Investment Opportunities in Ghana and Mozambique

Through investing in our shares listed on the Johannesburg, London, or Mauritius stock exchanges, it is possible to gain the most from property investment opportunities in Ghana and other African countries. We briefly introduce the properties in our Ghana portfolio, giving you an indication of how we make the most of investment opportunities in Africa. With a diversified portfolio that covers eight regions in Africa, we create a balanced income and risk profile.

  • Capital Place in Accra, Ghana. Our group consists of a strong management team with a combined 64 years of property experience in Africa. As such, we have the expertise to carefully select investment opportunities with the potential of superb growth and stable rental income. The investment of 47,5% ownership in Capital Place is proof of the careful selection of sound investment opportunities. Hollard is the key tenant. The property has a value of US$ 23,5 million as valued by Knight Frank. It has a gross lettable area (GLA) of 4 639 m2. The weighted average rent per square metre is US$ 39,15.
  • 5th Ave Corporate Offices in Accra, Ghana. GC Net is the key tenant. It has a 0% vacancy rate and a GLA of 5 070 m2. The office building has been valued at US$ 22 million by Knight Frank. The weighted average rent per square metre is US$ 28,24.
  • CAD II Building in Accra, Ghana. We have 50% ownership in this office building with Tullow Oil as the key tenant. The building has a 0% vacancy rate and a GLA of 7 262 m2. Knight Frank valued it at US$ 36,5 million. Ghana is one of several African countries where our management team has identified superb investment opportunities.

Mozambique is another one of the countries where several investment opportunities have been identified. Some of the properties in our portfolio within Mozambique are briefly noted below:

  • Hollard Building in Maputo, Mozambique. The building has key multinational tenants including Hollard, British Petroleum, and KPMG. It has a 6,2% EPRA (GLA) vacancy rate. The GLA is 5 051 m2 and the building is valued at US$ 21,3 million by REC. The weighted average rent per square metre is US$ 25,74.
  • Acacia Estate in Maputo, Mozambique. The US Embassy is the sole tenant of the building. It is used as corporate accommodation and is valued by REC at US$ 67,2million with a weighted average rent per square metre of US$ 25,45.
  • VDE Housing Estate in Tete, Mozambique. Vale and Barloworld are the key tenants in this corporate-accommodation property. It has a GLA of 25 717 m2 and a weighted average rent per square metre of US$ 19,47. REC has valued the property at US$ 72,1 million.

We have more than 45 properties across Africa. As such, when it comes to opportunities, we carefully choose properties for their investment-return potential and across various regions to reduce the risk of over-exposure to political and economic problems of particular regions. Download our e-portfolio for more information on the investment opportunities in Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia, Mauritius, Kenya, and other African countries and view the latest results for more information on our market performance.