Tete, Mozambique

In line with Grit’s approach to super convenience centres located in strategic nodes outside of cosmopolitan areas, the Mall de Tete focuses on basic everyday needs in term of its fashion and retail offering, as well as services.

This early stage, dominant centre is anchored by Shoprite and Pep. Independent market consultant Fernridge Consulting highlighted that Mall de Tete rated “Excellent” (79%) in terms of catchment area (comprising of Tete, Moatize, and all districts within a 100km radius).

This rating was achieved because of increased traffic volumes past the site and the development of new residential schemes.

Property Details

Sector Icon - Retail

Mall de Tete

Retail Sector 
100% Ownership
Location: Tete, Mozambique
Anchor Tenant: Shoprite
Acquisition Price: US$24.2 million
Valuation1 (as at 31 December 2021): US$14.5 million
Acquisition Date: Wednesday, 01 March 2017
Land Title: Freehold
GLA1: 11,255m²
Parking Bays: 400

Value presented proportional to ownership interest held, 100% GLA reported
*Income Guarantee from Developer

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