Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius

One of the best family resorts in Mauritius, Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa stands proudly above the coastline on a historic peninsula commanding the only location on the island with both sunrise and sunset views. The leisure resort comprises 284 rooms and a GLA of 25 248 m² with a weighted average gross rental per square metre of US$13.16 per month, located at Pointe aux Canonniers, Pamplemousses.

Guests are able to interchange between Victoria Beachcomber and Mauricia Beachcomber hotels. Canonnier underwent extensive refurbishment work, which was completed in September 2017.

Property Details

Sector Icon - Hospitality

Canonnier Beachcomber Resort & Spa

Hospitality Sector 
44.4% Ownership
Location: Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius
Anchor Tenant: Beachcomber
Acquisition Price: US$ 26.0 million
Valuation1 (as at 31 Dec 2021): US$ 34.4 million
Acquisition Date: December 2016
Land Title: Leasehold
GLA1: 25 248 m²
Number of Rooms: 284

Value presented proportional to ownership interest held, 100% GLA reported 
*The three Beachcomber properties were valued as a whole and management has split the total valuation across the three properties. 

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