Our objective is to ignite the furnace of growth in Africa by pioneering and collaborating to construct bridges that unlock opportunities across inaccessible African territories; to generate sustainable returns for generations to come, for all stakeholders including the people of Africa!

Our Culture

The Grit team is a dynamic group of diverse individuals with an exceptional work ethic. All staff are encouraged to provide input and solutions to drive the Company forward. Incumbents are further encouraged to take the lead on their respective areas of the business.

To operate in a fluid emerging market, Grit employees have ample Guts, Resilience, Innovation and Tenacity to get us in the game with staying power. At the same time, our teams focus on Growth, Results, Integrity and Teamwork to continuously perform better.

Headquartered in Mauritius, Grit operates across eight African countries, with staff comprising 15 different nationalities. This makes for a rich melting pot of cultures and convictions that supports unconventional thinking. Our goals and objectives are aligned by our values and  live by  by our values and leadership code that are sacrosanct.

Relentless Determination

We have an unwavering drive to overcome obstacles and achieve the impossible whilst upholding integrity

Passionately Pioneering

Our ferocious desire to build bridges from the developed to the under-developed worlds unlock value from unexplored opportunities for the benefit of all


We are modesty and always open to learn and grow. We show sincere gratitude to all who support us on our journey

Authentically Congruent

We always stand by our word and commitment

Always Find The

We don’t stop until we find the enriching and sustainable solution to every challenge

Honourable Engagement

Our most treasured assets are the lasting relationships we build

Unlocking Entrepreneurship

We lay the foundation for people to build their dreams and aspirations on

Unapologetically Fun Loving

We make serious business, seriously fun

Our Leadership Code

Lead with conviction
Total ownership & accountability
Deliberately decisive
Absolute mentor
Genuinely engaged
Got your back
Consistent and fair

Our Human Resources Specialist

Aurélie Mallac

Head – Human Capital


Aurélie has worked at EC Oxenham & Cy. Ltd for 7 years where she was responsible of developing and overseeing the HR function and executing HR Strategies for the blue-collar and white-collar sector.

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Should you be interested in a career at Grit, kindly forward us your CV and a cover letter with more detail on the position you are interested in and why you think you will be a good cultural fit to: [email protected]

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