Company Secretary and Registered Office

Intercontinental Fund Services Limited
Level 5, Alexander House
35 Cybercity
Ebene, 72201

Sponsor in Mauritius

6th Floor, Dias Pier Building
Le Caudan Waterfront
Caudan, Port Louis

Registrar and Transfer Agent in Mauritius

Intercontinental Secretarial Services Limited
Level 3, Alexander House
35 Cybercity
Ebene, 72201

Legal Advisor in Mauritius

C & A Law
Suite 1005, Level 1
Alexander House
35 Cybercity
Ebene, 72201

SEM Authorised Representative and Sponsor

Perigeum Capital Limited
Level 3, Alexander House
35 Cybercity
Ebene, 72201

Transfer Secretaries in South Africa

Computershare Investor Services Proprietary Limited
Ground Floor
70 Marshall Street
Johannesburg, 2001
South Africa

Sponsor in South Africa

PSG Capital Proprietary Limited
1st Floor, Ou Kollege Building
35 Kerk Street
Stellenbosch, 7600
South Africa

Legal Advisor in South Africa

Bowman Gilfillan Inc.
165 West Street
Sandton, 2146
South Africa

Date and Place of Incorporation

Incorporated on 16 May 2012 in Bermuda and registered by Continuation as a Public Company in Mauritius on 11 March 2015

Urban DNA

To have grit is to move to action, to animate, to drive, and to energise. It is a signal of proactive commitment to creating enduring value by energising and inspiring while being rooted in clarity of thought. To have grit, therefore, is to seek resolution in a way that inspires passion and activates ambition that is grounded in insight.

Grit is not easy to define.
Sometimes it’s easier to define it by what it isn’t:
It isn’t talent.
It isn’t luck or timing.
It isn’t about a fleeting desire.
It isn’t about hard work.
Grit is an unwavering dedication.
It is more about attitude than the end game.

The commitment to finish what we start.
The determination to rise from setbacks.
The drive to improve and succeed.
The willingness to undertake sustained and sometimes unpleasant preparation and repetition in order to do so.
Grit is the achievement of a singularly important goal.

Through perseverance and passion.
It is achieving success not based solely on experience or skill,
But also through the sustained and focused application of experience and skill over time.

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