Country overview


Population (million)


GDP (USDbn, 2018)


Real GDP growth rate (2018)

8 137

GDP / Capita (USD)


CPI (2018)


Moody’s credit rating
Investment Grade

property portfolio

Property details

Letlole La Rona (LLR)

Location: The majority of properties are held in the greater Gaborone region
Sector: Industrial (59.3%)
Retail (27.2%)
Office (7.6%)
Residential (5.9%)
GLA: 143 383 m²
Occupancy (by GLA): 99.3%
Valuation (as at December 2018): BWP709 million (approx. US$65 million)
Transfer Date: June 2019

*Note: The above figures are as at 31 December 2018 and exclude 4 hospitality assets with GLA of 20,887 m², which are in the process of being disposed by LLR for a total consideration of BWP235 million (approximately US$22 million)

Investment Jurisdiction

Botswana as an investment jurisdiction satisfies Grit’s key investment criteria given its robust economic growth, politically sound environment, investment grade rating, sophisticated capital market, availability of competitive debt funding, ease of repatriation of funds and security around land tenure.

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