■ Acquisition of Assets

■ Key Events


July 2014

Acquired Anadarko Building as its 1st asset
US$ 41.6m

July 2014

Acquisition of Anfa Place Shopping Centre
US$ 100.7m

July 2014

Completion of inward listing on the JSE Limited’s ALT-X board as Delta International


March 2015

Maiden distibution of US$ 6.63 cents per share

March 2015

Debut on Mauritius Stock Exchange (SEM) and migration from BSX

April 2015

Introduction of the PIC as Shareholder which formed part of a capital raise
US$ 42.0m

April 2015

Acquisition of Hollard/KPMG building
US$ 18.6m

May 2015

Acqured the Vodacom building
US$ 45.7m

June 2015

1st issue of shares on SEM shares

November 2015

Delta Africa and Pivotal merger announcement and creation of Mara Delta

October 2015

Acquisition of Zimpeto Square Mozambique
US$ 11m

December 2015

Acquired Kafubu Mall and Mukuba Mall (Zambia)
US$ 40.3m



March 2016

Acquisition of Barclays House (Mauritius)
US$ 14.3m

March 2016

Acquisition of Buffalo Mall (Kenya) & Ballore Warehouse (Mozambique)
Combined: US$ 14.8m

May 2016

Delta African officially becomes Mara Delta – the largest pan African income fund listed on the JSE and SEM

October 2016

Paid distribution of US$5.58 cents per share, taking FY2016 distribution to a total of US$11.75 cents per share

December 2016

Fifth distribution of US$6.12 cents per share

December 2016

Acquisition of Mall de Tete (Mozambique)
US$ 24.2m

December 2016

Acquisition of 3 Beachcomber resorts (Mauritius) 44.4% in BHI
US$ 78.5m


March 2017

Acquisition of Tamassa Resort (Mauritius)
US$ 42.3m

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