■ Acquisition of Assets

■ Key Events


July 2014

Acquired Anadarko Building (Mozambique) as its 1st asset for US$ 41.6m

July 2014

Acquisition of Anfa Place Shopping Centre (Morocco) for US$ 100.7m

July 2014

Completion of inward listing on the JSE Limited’s ALT-X board as Delta International


March 2015

Maiden distibution of US$ 6.63 cents per share

March 2015

Debut on Mauritius Stock Exchange (SEM) and migration from BSX

April 2015

Introduction of the Public Investment Corporation as Anchor Shareholder in US$42.0m capital raise

April 2015

Acquisition of Hollard/KPMG (Mozambique) building for US$ 18.6m

May 2015

Acquired the Vodacom Building (Mozambique) US$ 45.7m

June 2015

Maiden issue of shares on the SEM

November 2015

Merger of Delta Africa and The Pivotal Fund’s Africa operations announcement and formation of Mara Delta

October 2015

Acquisition of Zimpeto Square (Mozambique) US$ 11m

December 2015

Acquired interest in Kafubu Mall and Mukuba Mall (Zambia) US$ 40.3m



March 2016

Acquisition of Barclays House (Mauritius) US$ 14.3m

March 2016

Acquisition of interest in Buffalo Mall (Kenya) & Bollore Warehouse (Mozambique) Combined: US$ 14.8m

May 2016

Delta Africa officially becomes Mara Delta – the largest pan African income fund listed on the JSE and SEM

October 2016

Paid distribution of US$5.58 cents per share, taking FY2016 distribution to a total of US$11.75 cents per share

December 2016

Fifth distribution of US$6.12 cents per share

December 2016

Acquisition of Mall de Tete (Mozambique) US$ 24.2m

December 2016

Leaseback acquisition of a 44.4% stake in Beachcomber Hospitality Investments (BHI), owner of 3 luxury resorts in Mauritius for US$ 78.5m


March 2017

Leaseback acquisition of Tamassa Resort (Mauritius) from Lux Resorts for US$ 42.3m

May 2017

Sixth distribution – clean out dividend for period 1 Jan 17 to 30 Apr 17 of US$ 4.57 cents per share prior to rights offer

June 2017

Raise US$121.2 million by way of a rights offer at an issue price of US$1.40 per share, significantly increasing market cap and portfolio value to US$600 million

July 2017

Shareholders approved Grit’s rebrand and name change, reflecting the Group’s current reality and future growth ambitions

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