Tete, Mozambique

Tenanted by Vale and Barloworld, the VDE Housing Estate offers prime accommodation within Tete, and features 83 three-bedroom units and 40 two-bedroom apartments with air-conditioning.

Sport and recreation facilities such as tennis courts and a swimming pool complete the offering.

Property Details


VDE Housing Estate

Corporate Accommodation Sector 
100% Ownership
Location: Tete, Mozambique
Anchor Tenant: Vale and Barloworld
Acquisition Price: US$33.1 million
Valuation1 (as at June 2019): US$49.9 million
Acquisition Date: Friday, 30 September 2016
WALE – GLA: 4.68
WALE – Income: 4.59
Land Title: Freehold
GLA1: 17 071 m²
EPRA Vacancy: 0.0%
Parking Bays: 200
EPRA NIY: 6.2%

Value presented proportional to ownership interest held, 100% GLA reported

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